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Coca-Cola Presents Youth Dialogue Event

Coca-Cola Presents Youth Dialogue Event


Empowering Nepal’s Youth: Coca-Cola Presents Youth Dialogue Event Sparks Passion and Career Insights. The event was supported by Coca-Cola Nepal and featured three panelists: Shristi Kc (Founder / President of Blind Rocks), Sampada Malla (Media personality, Writer, Film maker) and Kiran Nepali (Member of renowned band Kutumba/Mentor of Project Sarangi).

The topic of discussion was passion and career, where they talked about how to utilize individual skills to create a career in the arts, particularly in Nepal’s traditional society. The event provided young students with insights into the challenges and motivations involved in pursuing a career in a creative field.

With an attendance of 200+ students, the event was a resounding success, offering valuable advice and inspiration to the enthusiastic students of Nepal College of Management.

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