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Global Shapers Community collaborates with Ncell to discuss Climate Resiliency at SHAPE South Asia 2023

Global Shapers Community collaborates with Ncell to discuss Climate Resiliency at SHAPE South Asia 2023


Global Shapers Community Kathmandu, in partnership with Ncell Axiata Limited (Ncell), is set to host SHAPE South Asia, a three-day conference at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur, from 19th to 21st May 2023. The event will bring together over 120+ youth leaders from 14 countries across South Asia and the globe, focusing on the theme “Shaping Climate Resiliency towards a Great Himalayan Future for All.” Attendees will exchange innovative and scalable climate solutions while immersing themselves in Nepali culture and heritage.

SHAPE South Asia 2023 will feature several key sessions, including the development of an advocacy paper that consolidates the voices of youth and climate change organizations from the region. The conference will also introduce new city-based projects and launch a climate change pledge signed by leading Nepali private sector associations, such as CNI, CNIYEF, and the Nepal Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, participants will explore climate change from various perspectives, including urban politics and entrepreneurship.

Ncell, under its Corporate Social Responsibility, is supporting SHAPE South Asia 2023 as the critical partner. CEO of Ncell Jabbor Kayumov shared his thoughts, “Aligned with a broader strategic framework of the Axiata Group, at Ncell, we embrace Environment Social and Governance (ESG) principles and are committed to driving impactful initiatives to create long-term value for our business and Nepali community at large. Ncell is pleased to collaborate with Global Shapers Community Kathmandu for this purposeful initiative to foster collaborative efforts towards climate resilience, keeping momentum on climate action efforts where the planet and our business can collectively thrive.”

Global Shapers Community Kathmandu is delighted to collaborate with private sector organizations, industry leaders, and local and international organizations. The event’s sponsors include Ncell, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), SecurityPal, Coca-Cola, NIBL Ace Capital, Nabil Bank, and ICIMOD. Technical support has been provided by organizations such as the Climate Reality Team and Young Global Leaders (Nepal) in designing the conference sessions.

Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF), comprises youth leaders from diverse sectors working together to create positive impact through over 450 city-based hubs worldwide. SHAPE South Asia 2023 is a regional event organized by and for the Shapers, with support from the broader global community.

In preparation for the event, the organizers have initiated a tree plantation campaign, aiming to plant 2,200 trees across Nepal, including the Terai region. This effort aims to offset carbon emissions associated with the conference and contribute to environmental conservation. Keshav Sarawagi, a fellow member, emphasizes their commitment to a sustainable future by stating, “Initiating our path towards a sustainable future, we are planting trees in Nepal’s industrial and private sector zones. By fostering nature in these crucial areas, we sow the seeds of sustainability, cultivating a thriving environment for future generations.” The event will also showcase work done by Global Shapers kathmandu hub in the environmental degradation mitigation with a proper sustainability plan for the event.

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