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The Ramgarh land port’s role in increasing Northeast India-Bangladesh-Myanmar trade

The Ramgarh land port’s role in increasing Northeast India-Bangladesh-Myanmar trade


The Ramgarh land port under construction in Khagrachari district of Chittagong Hill Tracts will play a positive role in the economic welfare of not only this region but the entire country. It can be said to be a vital initiative for business and economic prosperity. The country’s commercial capital Chittagong, tourism city Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong Hill Tracts inhabited by small ethnic groups and the seven states known as the Seven Sisters in the northeastern region of India will benefit from the use of this port. Bangladesh-India friendly bond will be stronger in the development of trade and mutual relations.

In order to start the operation of this port in full swing, the Road Transport and Bridges Minister inaugurated the 38 km long road widening and modernization work of Chittagong’s Baroyarhat Heyako Ramgarh via virtual connection from Dhaka on May 24. As a result, the development work related to Ramgarh land port of Khagrachari went one step further. Nirmiaman port is the first and only land port in Chittagong Hill Tracts. Bangladesh-India Friendship Bridge-1 has already been inaugurated around this port. Which is established on the river Feni at a place called Ramgarh Mahamuni. This bridge connects the two countries. The immigration building is also ready. In the newly constructed building in front of Maitri Setu, various checking functions including customs and immigration of the travelers of the two countries are to be completed.

As part of the port-related series of works, the development cost of road widening and modernization to make the road communication system modern and up-to-date has been estimated at more than 1100 crore rupees. The project will increase the width of the 38 km long road from 5.50 meters (18 feet) to 11.30 meters (38 feet). Apart from this, 9 bridges (249.20 m) and 23 culverts (108 m) will be constructed through this project.

If the Ramgarh port connected with Tripura state is fully operational, the people of Greater Chittagong will be able to go to Mymensingh and Sylhet easily by connecting to the Narsingdi-Moulvibazar road from Ramgarh through India to Sylhet Madhavpur. In addition to the peace and comfort of the people, the usefulness of the Ramgarh land port will not be less than that of Benapole in terms of economic importance. Chittagong will surpass Benapole in importance in terms of port-relatedness. will become significant in the economy of the entire country. The country will advance in foreign trade, join a new chapter of prosperity through successful connectivity.

In this era of globalization, no country or all the regions of the same country can be self-sufficient in the production of any particular product. Due to natural and material advantages, specialization in production and division of labour, the exchange of produced goods naturally takes place through mutual agreement. Rabindranath Tagore said a long time ago, “The West has opened its door, from there it will give gifts and take, meet and meet, and will not go back.”

Revolutionary development has come in the road management of North Chittagong including Mirsrai Phatikchari to establish fast communication with Ramgarh. Through Ramgarh land port, trade with India will be greatly expanded. Chittagong to Benapole distance is too much. It takes a lot of time and costs more. On the other hand, if Ramgarh port is opened, India will be able to receive goods in less time and less cost. This is a positive aspect. Both countries will benefit from this. Apart from this, Ramgarh port will become important in various activities of Matarbari deep sea port along with Mirsrai economic zone and Chittagong port. Besides, the concerned department of the government is seriously looking at the issue of railway line extension from Chittagong’s Nazirhat to Ramgarh land port.

All this is the contribution of the present government. We applaud this step of the BD government to move the country forward. If this trend continues, Ramgarh will reach a unique height in the future. If the road widening and modernization work is completed, communication between Ramgarh and Dhaka will be easier. In this project, there will be 9 bridges with a length of 249.20 meters and 23 bridges with a length of 108 meters. The expenditure has been estimated at 1 thousand 107 crore 12 lakh taka. Various products from Khagrachari and Rangamati will take less time to reach Dhaka. Apart from this, using this land port which is about 112 km from Chittagong Port, the transshipment goods will go to India in just 3 hours. Besides, through this road direct communication will be established with India’s North Eastern state of Tripura including Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal (Seven Sisters).

Myanmar, Bangladesh, India need friendship for national interest. If India’s investment in Bangladesh is maximum, it will be good for the country. BD’s road and rail connectivity with India has come a long way. New doors are opening. Trade and commerce with India have increased. As a result, both countries are benefiting. Things we have to admit. it wants friendship with India for the sake of national development. Several investments in Bangladesh have come from India through the Line of Credit (LoC). Laying of foundation stone for widening of Baroyarhat-Heyako-Ramgarh road is also a project of LoC. Maitri Setu-1 has already been completed at Ramgarh. As a result, the connection with Chittagong will increase. Besides, the work of expanding Cox’s Bazar airport is almost finished. The Baroyarhat-Heyako-Ramgarh road widening and modernization project will be implemented with the funding of LoC-3 of the Government of India and the Development Fund of the Government of Bangladesh. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in this regard on April 5, 2017 in Delhi. The cost of the project is estimated at 1.07 billion and 1.2 million takas. Out of this, the government will give Tk 513 crore 5 lakh and India’s loan for the project will be Tk 5940700000. The project will be implemented in three packages. The proposed road will start from Baroyarhat in Mirsarai on the Dhaka-Chittagong National Highway and end at Ramgarh in Khagrachari. Ramgarh land port is located at a distance of only 112 km from Chittagong Sea port and 208 km from the capital Dhaka. So, if this project is implemented, Chittagong Sea port and Dhaka will be connected with Sabrum in Tripura and Ramgarh land port in Khagrachari.

The work is scheduled to be completed on December 31, 2024. Ashoka Buildcon Limited, an Indian contractor, has been given the task of constructing the road.

Now the people of both the countries want to start the land port in full swing as soon as possible. Through this, there will be expansion in inter-country trade. New doors of economy will be opened. According to analysts, political boundaries cannot be a barrier to trade, not only Chittagong Port but also Chittagong Airport can be used by Tripura residents. Ramgarh land port will be the new commercial corridor of the two countries.

A large population of the region is expecting economic liberation around this land port. People from all walks of life hope that Ramgarh land port will join a new golden chapter in successful connectivity. Expanding business, trade and tourism industries between the two countries and improving people-to-people relations will benefit the entire region. A large number of human resources will be used in this work of immense potential. Chittagong Port will be used by at least 50 million people of Northeast India. Then there will be a lot of revenue. Business will expand along with employment will increase. To bring and transport goods from Northeast India, one has to travel 1200 km to go to Calcutta port, on the other hand, the distance to Chittagong port is much less. Indians will save time and money to visit Cox’s Bazar, one of the longest beaches in the world. Also, people from Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts can easily visit Seven Sisters. Bangladesh and India’s trade with Myanmar’s Rakhine and Chin provinces can be accelerated. Economically this region will be prosperous. The massive operation of this port, the first established in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, will open new horizons for the liberation of poor people. It will be a blessing for the people of three countries. There will be incredible development in all fields including business. The appearance of the whole area will change.

After all, if the Ramgarh land port is fully operational, it will contribute to the economy of Bangladesh in this era of globalization and will play a significant role in the development of the socio-economic condition of a large population. It will mark a milestone in establishing universal connectivity. It is like a brilliant walk across regional boundaries.

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