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Ncell expands 4G in remote Jumla, Locals benefiting from 4G connectivity

Ncell expands 4G in remote Jumla, Locals benefiting from 4G connectivity


Ncell Axiata Limited, in line with its commitment to expand service and ensure access to modern mobile broadband connectivity to all customers, has expanded its fourth generation (4G) service in Jumla, a remote district of Karnali Province in Western Nepal.

Ncell has completed the installation of three new towers one each in Chandhannath Municipality, Tila Rural Municipality, and Tatopani Rural Municipality of the district. Locals including from the district headquarters Khalanga are already benefiting from access to mobile broadband and voice service. Earlier, the company was providing basic mobile service through V-SAT technology.

After the extension of the 4G in Chandannath Municipality, Tila Rural Municipality and Tatopani Municipality, coverage of Ncell 4G service has also reached 91.39%. Installation of new towers across the country in the last fiscal year contributed to ensuring and increasing access to the 4G service to the wider population nationwide.

Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell said, “Our focus is on building efficient telecommunications networks to connect people with opportunities that connectivity and technology bring. We are delighted that we have now been able to provide 4G service for the people from the remote district Jumla, also contributing to the Digital Nepal vision of the government. At Ncell, we have kept 4G in high priority as this technology provides both high-quality voice as well as high-speed mobile broadband.”

As part of its commitment to deliver world-class services and customer experience through the introduction of modern technology and a state-of-art network, Ncell had launched 4G in the Kathmandu Valley in 2017, enabling customers to access high-speed mobile broadband connectivity. In the last fiscal year 2022/23 alone, Ncell installed 338 new sites in different parts of the country. Similarly, it upgraded 4G capacity in nearly 1,450 towers from over 60 districts.

The 4G offers better bandwidth, lower latency and improves spectrum efficiency, enabling customers to use more applications on mobile devices, provides real-time sharing of large files and media streaming, and immediate delivery of time-sensitive data. It empowers ICT industry, technopreneurs, media, and other industries, contributing to put the economy on a higher growth trajectory.

Ncell currently operates over 4,000 4G BTS sites across the country for ensuring access to high-speed mobile internet and Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) service. The expansion and capacity enhancement of the 4G network contributes to achieving the aspirations of the Digital Nepal Framework of the government by increasing access to mobile broadband service.

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