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WorldLink launching its Gaming Plan

WorldLink launching its Gaming Plan


WorldLink in collaboration with PUBG is going to launch a gaming package this Thursday, 3rd August. This gaming package is highly anticipated within the mobile gaming community. The gamers who participated in this gaming package trial have leaked that the latency for PUBG gaming would be the lowest and also shared about the launch of a pro gaming Wi-Fi 6 router.

WorldLink had stated that the product launch for this gaming package would be on Thursday, 3rd August 2023,8 pm and will be launched digitally through their Facebook page.

This would be the first time in Nepal that any such gaming collaboration had been done. The Mobile users gaming community in Nepal is estimated to be 4.5 million active users. Additionally, 80% of them are mobile gaming users and 15% are PC gamers, and 5% on console gaming.

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