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Foodmandu Puts Customers First: No Minimum Order and Reduced Delivery Fees

Foodmandu Puts Customers First: No Minimum Order and Reduced Delivery Fees


Foodmandu, Nepal’s first and most popular food delivery company, has removed the minimum order value policy and reduced the delivery fee.  In order to enhance the convenience and cater to every food lover’s needs, Foodmandu has eliminated the minimum order value of Rs. 500. Along with this Foodmandu has also reduced its delivery charges.

No longer will consumers be bound by a minimum order value of Rs. 500. For those placing smaller orders below Rs. 500, a nominal small order fee of just Rs. 50 will be applicable. In response to customer feedback and changing market dynamics, Foodmandu has removed the minimum order requirement, allowing customers to order their preferred meals without any restrictions.

In addition to the removal of the minimum order value, Foodmandu is also rolling out a revamped delivery fee policy. For distances up to 1.5 kilometers, the delivery charge is just Rs. 25. And for distances beyond 1.5 kilometers, there will be an additional charge of Rs.25 per kilometer. For example, if the delivery distance is 3.5 kilometers, the delivery charge will be Rs.75 (Rs.25 + Rs.25*2). However, if the order value exceeds Rs.1000, the maximum charge will be Rs.75, even for longer distances.

Commenting on this, Mr. Manohar Adhikari, Founder and MD of Foodmandu, said “We are excited to announce that we have removed the Rs. 500 minimum order policy and reduced delivery fees align with our mission to make food delivery accessible and convenient for all. It’s a direct response to our valuable consumers’ feedback and their evolving preferences. We are always committed to consumer satisfaction, and these changes reflect our dedication to providing affordable, convenient, and accessible food delivery services to every Nepali consumer. With the removal of the minimum order requirement and reduced delivery fees, customers can explore an even broader selection of dishes without worrying about order size constraints or excessive charges”

Foodmandu believes that good food should be accessible to all, and these changes are a testament to the ongoing commitment to making that vision a reality. Foodmandu looks forward to serving its customers better than ever before. Foodmandu has always strived to make online food ordering easier, and this change reflects its dedication to that goal. Now, consumers can order freely without worrying about a minimum order amount. Whether consumers crave a quick snack, a light meal, or a hearty feast, Foodmandu has them covered.

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