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Nepal Rastra Bank Announces Investment in Fixed Deposits 

Nepal Rastra Bank Announces Investment in Fixed Deposits 


The Nepal Rastra Bank has decided to invest money in fixed deposits.

The bank has issued a notice stating that it will invest 17 crore and 67 lakh. The money that the bank has in its various funds will be invested in banks and financial institutions. Those who wish to take deposits can submit applications by opening the interest rate proposal along with the amount they wish to receive by midnight on Kartik 15th.

The bank has started investing in fixed deposits from Mangsir 4, 2080, to Mangsir 3, 2081. The bank has invested 14 crores and 14 lakhs in ‘C’ class commercial banks, 2 crores and 65 lakhs in ‘B’ class development banks, and 88 lakhs in national-level financial companies of ‘G’ class.

For the application day, banks and financial institutions must have a net loan of less than 5% of the total loan. Additionally, the central bank has set conditions, such as not increasing the limit on real estate loans taken from banks.

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