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Nepal Rastra Bank Boosts Employee Allowances

Nepal Rastra Bank Boosts Employee Allowances


The allowances of the employees of Nepal Rastra Bank have increased. The bank has increased the allowance of the employees, stating that there were criticisms when the salary of the employees was increased during Dashain.

The meeting of the board of directors of the bank, which was held last time, approved the proposal to increase the allowance. The bank has increased the allowance and travel allowance of the employees by 18.6 percent. Similarly, the amount for medicine expenses for employees on leave has been increased from 18 thousand to 24 thousand.

Previously, the bank used to provide the allowance in various titles, but now it is providing the allowance in a single amount. The allowance will be increased every two years. Similarly, the Central Bank has made the allowance available to its employees when they go abroad or to other districts within the country.

Taking the convenience of the employees into consideration, the Central Bank is also providing loans for building houses and other facilities. The bank is also providing loans to its employees at a lower interest rate than its base rate.

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