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Sonapur issued an IPO for the general public

Sonapur issued an IPO for the general public


Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited has issued an IPO for the general public. Sonapur Minerals has received permission to issue 1,230,200 ordinary shares, which is 40% of its total capital of NPR 3,750,500,000 (equivalent to NPR 1,230,200,000). The company has added a premium of NPR 58.58 per share, making the total IPO price NPR 237.58 per share, for a total of 9,732,544 shares for the general public.

The general public can apply for a minimum of 10 shares and a maximum of 1,500,000 shares. The IPO will open on October 17 and close on October 28. NIBL Ace Capital Limited is the IPO issuance and sales manager.

All member banks and financial institutions approved by the Nepal Stock Exchange Board and their designated branch offices, as well as CDS and Clearing Limited, can apply through the “Mero Share” online system.

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