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Subash Bhattarai’s suggestion to the Governor : ‘NRB should and can overcome the economic slowdown’

Subash Bhattarai’s suggestion to the Governor : ‘NRB should and can overcome the economic slowdown’


Nepal Rastra Bank Governor Subas Chandra Bhattarai has urged the entire market to revive the economy, as he has been given the responsibility of the stock market by the Nepal Rastra Bank. Through social media, he has appealed to revive the entire market, which has been affected by the depression.

When the Finance Minister called the Governor, the Governor mentioned the incident of the Governor being fired and the discussion. Bhattarai has urged everyone to be cautious in such a situation where the business chain has been disrupted and no one has thought of the consequences.

‘When the Finance Minister calls you, you should spend 1/2 hour with your team in your room. You should think about it. (Many thoughts arise in my mind after hearing this. In terms of finance, I consider myself more knowledgeable than the honorable minister, but only the protocol is above the finance minister. In terms of financial knowledge, I am above him. Should I lower myself and listen to him?) …Why should I support the government? I am an autonomous body called the central bank, and I am opposing the government by implementing policies (Chepuwa). Bhattarai writes, ‘The government ministers should realize that the economy has deteriorated along with the change of government. Why did the CCD race change into a CD? Why did they limit the use of the entire capital? Why did the government oppose? And then the government sidelined the governor. The court made you victorious.’

But mentioning that it is not enough to win, he urges the governor to ask himself questions by placing his hand on his heart.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself a question. Even though the government has been unbearable, the people have to support it. What should businessmen, industrialists, and investors do for the country’s benefit? Everyone is unhappy except for politicians and high-ranking officials at this time. The meaning of Mahaprasad is considered religiously as well; it is like a king, an elixir. No one has thought about the consequences of wandering business chains. No one remains. The institution that can overcome this economic recession is the central bank. The entire market that has gone into depression is not the 9-year market. I request that you give a new life. He has written this.

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