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Global IME Bank called for an annual general meeting

Global IME Bank called for an annual general meeting


Global IME Bank has called for an annual general meeting to distribute the dividends to the shareholders. The bank had announced to distribute 8 percent cash dividends and 1 percent bonus shares to the shareholders from the profits of the last fiscal year.

The general meeting scheduled for Mangsir 28 will distribute the said profits. After the distribution of profits, they will also be distributed to the shareholders. Similarly, in the bank’s general meeting, three directors will be elected from the founder group and three from the general shareholder group.

According to the bank, the same general meeting will also increase the service facilities that the directors receive. The bank has decided to close the share registration book for the general meeting on Mangsir 13. Shareholders holding shares until Mangsir 12 will be eligible to participate in the general meeting.

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