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NEPSE extended trading hours for Wednesday

NEPSE extended trading hours for Wednesday


The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) extended trading hours on Wednesday. NEPSE has announced that trading hours have been extended.

Due to a problem in NEPSE’s system, trading could not take place in the pre-open session on Wednesday morning. As a result, regular trading started 24 minutes late. The problem in the system has now been resolved, and trading has resumed. However, due to the delay in starting trading, NEPSE has announced that the market will close later than usual on Wednesday.

In NEPSE’s notice, it has been stated that ‘Today, on August 13, 2080, regular trading has started at 11:24 a.m. Request to extend the trading time (up to 3:24 pm), including the time (24 minutes) when trading was halted.’ After the problem was seen in the system on Wednesday, angry investors have said that despite NEPSE’s repeated assurances, there is still a need for a new stock exchange.

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