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NEPSE index increased by 20.67 points

NEPSE index increased by 20.67 points


The NEPSE index increased on Wednesday. Compared to Tuesday, the NEPSE index has increased by 20.67 points and reached 1850.33 points.

On Wednesday, a total of 42,13,285 shares of 294 companies were traded, resulting in a turnover of over 1 arba 8 crore rupees. Today, the company with the highest turnover was Sonapur Mineral and Oil Limited. The company’s turnover amounted to 10,76,03,983 rupees and 20 paisa.

Similarly, on Wednesday’s share market, the investors of Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro Power Limited made a good profit. The share price of these companies has seen a positive trend.

Likewise, investors in Syapatri Hydropower have suffered the most. The company’s share price has decreased by more than 8 percent.

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