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Surge in demand and prices of essential food items

Surge in demand and prices of essential food items


Near the festival of Tihar, there is an increase in demand and price of various food items in the Nepali market. Due to the high usage during Tihar, the demand and price of such food items have both increased.

According to the price list published by the Nepal Retailers Association, the price of sesame in the Nepali market ranges from 250 to 400 rupees per kilogram. Currently, brown sesame is priced at 350 rupees per kilogram, while white sesame is priced at 300 rupees per kilogram. Similarly, black sesame is priced at 450 rupees per kilogram.

During Tihar, sesame is used to make laddus, brother-masala, and other delicacies.

Similarly, there is also an increased demand for sugar, flour, and oil during Tihar. When making various types of bread and sweets during the festival, the demand for these items increases.

In the Nepali market, fried mustard oil is priced at 350 rupees per liter, normal mustard oil at 240 rupees, soybean oil at 220 rupees, sunflower oil at 240 rupees, Dalda ghee at 210 rupees, and Nepali ghee at 900 rupees per kilogram. Similarly, sugar is priced at 90 rupees per kilogram, while flour is priced at 50 rupees per kilogram, as mentioned in the list published by the Retailers Association.

Even though the Nepal Retailers Association has fixed the prices of various food items, it is still found that some food items are being sold at a higher price in the market.

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