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Warehousing company issued an IPO from Sunday

Warehousing company issued an IPO from Sunday


The warehousing company has issued its initial public offering (IPO). The company has issued 11 lakh, 41 thousand, and 250 shares at a face value of Rs 100, totaling Rs 11 crore, 41 lakhs, and 25 lakhs.

The company had permission to issue 13,75,000 shares worth Rs 13 crore 75 lakhs, or 20 percent of the issued capital of Rs 68 crore 75 lakhs, of which 10 percent were reserved for Nepalis working in foreign employment in the first phase.

Applications for the IPO, which the company has issued for the general public, can be submitted until December 13. If the company’s demand is not met, the application deadline will be extended until Mangsir 2.

The company has been given an IRN double B minus issuer rating by Infomerics Credit Rating, which indicates the company’s ability to bear financial responsibility is medium-risk.

Himalayan Capital is the sales manager for the company’s IPO. Anyone interested in applying for the IPO can apply through Siaswa member banks, financial institutions, and my share.

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