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AGM of NIFRA will be held on poush 17

AGM of NIFRA will be held on poush 17


The general meeting of the Nepal Infrastructure Bank (NIFRA) is scheduled to take place. The meeting has been decided to be held on Poush 17th by the board meeting of the executive committee held on Mangsir 14th. The meeting will be held at Anupam Foodland and Banquet, Battisputali, Kathmandu, starting at 9 a.m.

The company has proposed to distribute a 4.2105% cash dividend (including tax) from the profit of the last fiscal year. Similarly, there is also a proposal to discuss the annual report, assets, and profit and loss for the fiscal year 2079–80 in the meeting.

In addition, there is also an agenda to appoint auditors for the fiscal year 2080–81 and to determine their remuneration. The special proposal to amend the bank’s memorandum and authorize the executive committee to carry out necessary work has also been approved. There is also an agenda to elect three directors from the founder group.

The company has decided to close the book on December 6th for the purpose of the meeting. Therefore, only shareholders holding shares until December 5th will be eligible to participate and receive dividends at the meeting.

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