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Ganesh Kumar KC appointed as the DCEO of Sindhu Bikash Bank

Ganesh Kumar KC appointed as the DCEO of Sindhu Bikash Bank


Ganesh Kumar KC has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sindhu Bikash Bank.

He has more than 20 years of experience in various banks and financial institutions and has worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Malika Development Bank, as well as in the internal audit department of Kumari Bank Ltd. The bank expects that his qualifications and experience will further the progress of the bank and bring it to new heights.

The bank also has a management committee consisting of former chief executives and experienced professionals. The bank provides quality services at a minimum interest rate, as well as free banking services such as ABBS, C-ASBA, IPS, ECC, Mobile Banking, and Merchant Payment Facility (QR code).

The bank has a total of 26 branches and limited banking units in places like Melamchi, Khandichaur, Dolalghat, Mude, Bhakunde, Paanchkhal, Charikot, Chautara, Sipaghat, Singati, Jalbire, Panaoti, Tandi, Parsa, Palung, Vikaschok, Lahurechok, Chanauli, Narayangarh, Hetauda, Thokarpa, Sukute, Lamosangu, and Kholasimal.

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