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Nepal Warehousing Company’s IPO has been distributed

Nepal Warehousing Company’s IPO has been distributed


Nepal Warehouse Company’s IPO has been distributed. The IPO of the company was distributed on Wednesday, Mangsir 20.

The company had opened the IPO for the sale of 1,191,998 kitta shares at a price of Rs 100 from Mangsir 10 to 13. Out of the total 1,276,558 applicants, 84,560 applications were canceled, as informed by the sales manager at Himalayan Capital.

Out of the eligible 1,191,998 applicants, 114,125 have received shares. The remaining hands are empty.

Investors can view the IPO results from the website of sales manager Himalayan Capital and from my share account. In addition, results can also be viewed on the websites of Nepal Wire Housing Company, CDS, and Clearing.

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