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Nepse increase by 111.20 points on sunday

Nepse increase by 111.20 points on sunday


On the first day of the week, Sunday, the share market saw a positive circuit. The market increase by 6% and closed on Monday. As compared to thursday, the Nepse index increase by 111.20 points and reached 1963.98 points.

On Sunday, a total of 13,67,615 shares of 244 companies were traded, amounting to a business of around 48 crores. Mountain Energy Nepal had the highest business of all companies, with a share business of 3,58,25,833.33 rupees.

Reliance Finance’s investors earned the most profit in Sunday’s share market. The company’s share price saw a positive trend.

Investors in NMB Sulav Investment Fund-2 lost more than anyone else in the share market on Sunday. The share price of this company has decreased by more than 1 percent.

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