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More than 500 students participate in Padmakanya Campus’ Hult Prize Orientation Program

More than 500 students participate in Padmakanya Campus’ Hult Prize Orientation Program


The students of Padmakanya Campus have successfully organized the Hult Prize Orientation Program. The students at Padmakanya have organized a three-day orientation program on the history of Hult and its impact. The program saw participation from more than 500 students. The orientation program was aimed at initiating a journey of change filled with hope and excitement, as stated by Campus Director Srishti Thapa Magar.

On the first day of the program, the students started with the history of Hult at Padmakanya Campus. The program was led by experienced individuals, Swapnil Bista and Sarina Budhathoki, who conducted the program with great enthusiasm and involvement. The organizers expressed that the program was not just a formal event but a beginning filled with new hope and excitement. The participants were actively engaged, and their queries were answered by Swapnil Bista.

During the program, the participating students also played exciting games, and there was interaction between the participants, guests, and the organizing committee. Additionally, the students organized a program where they shared the success story of the previous Hult Prize winner, Samikshya Khadka.

On the second day of the program, special guest Prakash Kafle and his team shared their journey and the role they played with the students. They also discussed how to address global issues and potential problems that may arise in future journeys. The second day also included a special discussion with the regional manager of the Hult Prize, along.

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