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Purwanchal Lube Oil is going to issue an IPO

Purwanchal Lube Oil is going to issue an IPO


Purvanchal Lube Oil Limited is going to issue an IPO. The company has called for a general meeting to issue the IPO proposal. The meeting will start at 11 a.m. on Poush 29 at the company’s registered office, Sundar Haraicha-9, Morang.

The proposal to distribute bonus shares to shareholders will also be discussed at the meeting. There will be a review of the financial year 2079-80, including profit and loss and cash flow. The agenda to appoint auditors for the financial year 2080-81 will also be included.

After the approval of the IPO proposal at the general meeting, the company will proceed with further processes. The company has also announced the appointment of a sales manager to submit an application to the Securities Board.

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