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Ruru Hydropower announces a cash dividend

Ruru Hydropower announces a cash dividend


The Ruru Hydropower Project has announced the profit distribution. The company has announced to provide a 10.526% cash dividend from the profit of the last fiscal year to the shareholders.

The cash dividend announced by the company will be distributed to the shareholders after the approval of the upcoming annual general meeting of the company. The proposal for the distribution of the profit will be presented at the general meeting to be held at the Lissara Reception in Kathmandu on Poush 25.

Similarly, the company is also expected to present a proposal to discuss the report of the executive committee of the fiscal year 2079/80, audit, profit-loss, and other related matters at the general meeting.

Likewise, the agenda to appoint auditors and determine remuneration for the fiscal year 2080–81 will also be presented at the meeting. The company has announced that it will close the book for the general meeting on Poush 17.

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