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Shivam Cement announces a 15% dividend

Shivam Cement announces a 15% dividend


Shivam Cement Limited has announced the distribution of dividends to its shareholders. The company has announced to distribute a 15 percent dividend from the profit of the last fiscal year.

The meeting of the board of directors held on March 3 has decided to provide 14.25 percent bonus shares and 0.75 percent cash dividends for tax purposes. The proposed dividend will be distributed only to the shareholders after it is approved by the upcoming annual general meeting of the company.

The company has called for the annual general meeting on February 27 to distribute the dividend. The company has informed us to close the book on February 18 for the purpose of the meeting. Therefore, only the shareholders holding shares until February 17 will be eligible to receive the dividend and participate in the annual general meeting.

Last year, the company distributed a dividend of 10.53 percent to its shareholders.

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