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Stepping into 2024 with a new year campaign, ‘Fonepay Garne Ho’

Stepping into 2024 with a new year campaign, ‘Fonepay Garne Ho’


Fonepay, Nepal’s largest payment network, has announced its latest campaign, ‘Fonepay garne ho’ emphasizing how convenient it is to pay with Fonepay QR and how easy and instant it is to transfer money with Fonepay Direct (Inter Bank Fund Transfer).

With the key message, “Let’s make 2024 the year of convenience by using Fonepay as your preferred mode of payment,” this campaign is an effort to persuade individuals to drop traditional payment methods and make way for a year filled with instant, secure, and convenient payment choices.

The campaign will span five days, starting from December 29, 2023, to January 2, 2024. Two lucky customers will each win a MI-XIAOMI 12 smartphone as a mega giveaway. Customers must use Fonepay Direct, Fonepay QR, or both services at least five times throughout the campaign period in order to be eligible for the campaign.

Through this campaign, Fonepay seeks to drive individuals to adopt digital payment methods via Fonepay services. This campaign reflects Fonepay’s dedication to encouraging individuals towards the future of finance, where digital payments are not just a choice but a rewarding and integral part of everyday transactions.

Speaking on the motive of the campaign, Subodh Sharma, Fonepay’s Chief Strategy Officer, said,‘Through this campaign, we are aiming to encourage everyone to integrate Fonepay services into their daily financial routines. Fonepay QR and Fonepay Direct echo convenience, and Fonepay is always committed to empowering individuals and businesses to embrace a seamless and efficient payment experience.’

Fonepay consistently prioritizes the safety of its customers’ financial transactions, integrating encryption and authentication protocols to guarantee a secure form of payment and fund transfer.

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