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Students of Triton International College Conduct In-Depth Study on Panitar, Ilam: Uncovering Social, Economic, and Tourism Insights

Students of Triton International College Conduct In-Depth Study on Panitar, Ilam: Uncovering Social, Economic, and Tourism Insights


Students of Triton International College have gone to Ilam for educational studies. In the fourth year of their social work (BSW) program, students have gone to Ilam for their studies. They had made Panitar, Deumai Municipality-3, the center of their studies. Throughout the study period, students have studied the situation, problems, and solutions of Panitar. Based on the same study, students will prepare reports.

Chandra Dev Bhatta, the head of the Department of Social Work, considers the study on the condition and marketization of tea gardens in the important Panitar area from a tourism perspective. According to Bhatta, the study will present an analytical presentation of the challenges and solutions found through the study. Similarly, the study, which has made the Panitar area the focal point, will not only strengthen students’ education but also contribute to identifying and solving the problems of the area.

Similarly, the students have also studied the potential, opportunities, and challenges of the ‘Homestay’ business that has been growing rapidly in Panitar, not just tourism and agriculture. According to the curriculum of traditional social work, the students have conducted research for the study, focusing on the practice of traditional social work, research on social work methods, and other related topics, as stated by the research supervisor, Rashmi Paudel. Furthermore, as part of their studies, the students have examined the changes that have occurred in local development, educational progress, and social activities after the federalism at the local level. In addition, the students have also interacted with local citizens, civil servants, and representatives for their research.

The geographical aspect of Panitar, Ilam, is also beautiful. In recent times, Panitar has also been established as a destination for domestic and international tourists. Therefore, the study team has concluded that the provincial, local, and central governments are giving special attention to the improvement, geographical development, and promotion of tourism in Panitar. The study has also shown the need for expansion and commercialization of agricultural products such as tea, cardamom, kiwi, dairy, and others.

Similarly, the lack of budget for social development along with physical and tourism-related changes in Panitar has been highlighted by Padam Bahadur Katuwal, the ward chairman of Ward No. 3 of Deumai Municipality. Following the study, students have also interacted with local authorities and agencies through formal programs, discussing the problems they have encountered and possible solutions, thus fostering confidence in collaboration for the local development of Panitar.

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