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Correction of 12.10 points seen in share market

Correction of 12.10 points seen in share market


On Wednesday, a correction was seen in the share market. When investors look to’sector shift’, the Nepse index decreased by 12.10 points to reach 2163.06 points.

When 3 crore, 35 lakh, 25 thousand, 7 hundred, and 2 shares of 300 companies are bought and sold in Nepse, the share business exceeds 9 billion 76 crore.

Today, the largest business is Himalayan Reinsurance Limited. The share business of this company is equivalent to 65 crore, 84 lakh, 90 thousand, 2 hundred, 85 rupees, and 50 paisa.

Similarly, the investors of Global IME Laghubitta Financial Institution have earned the most profit in Wednesday’s share market. The share price of this company has hit a positive circuit.

Investors in the stock market lost the most in Eastern Hydropower on Wednesday. This company’s share price has experienced a negative circuit.

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