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Mountain Dew Backs Gelje Sherpa’s 2025 Summit Bid

Mountain Dew Backs Gelje Sherpa’s 2025 Summit Bid


As a brand that has always saluted the spirit of pushing one’s boundaries to break out of the ordinary and achieve extraordinary success, Mountain Dew is standing along with valorous hero Gelje Sherpa with the aim of turning his dreams of summiting mountain Cho Oyu (8,188 meters) into reality. Gelje Sherpa, a professional mountaineer and guide, also hailed as the high-altitude mountain tiger, has been a guide for many expeditions summiting 8000m peaks and was a part of the Project Possible team in 2019 that brought glory and recognition to Nepal’s Sherpa community.

Gelje Sherpa displayed unrelenting grit, compassion, strength, and bravery while rescuing a climber from the ‘death zone’ on Mt. Everest, which ultimately saved the climber’s life in 2023. Recognized for his resilience and heroism in the face of fear, which is in line with the brand philosophy of “Darr Ko Agadi Jeet Cha,” Gelje finds unwavering support in his journey with Mountain Dew.

The brand’s commitment to transforming aspirations into reality and celebrating those who break through limitations plays a pivotal role in realizing Gelje Sherpa’s dream. Mountain Dew is supporting Gelje’s 2025 expedition to summit Cho Oyo from Nepal. As Gelje aims to conquer new heights and bring recognition to Nepalese Sherpas, Mountain Dew stands as a key ally, assisting him in transforming aspirations into extraordinary accomplishments and helping shine a light on the Nepalese Sherpa community for their strength and valor.

Anuj Goyal, Associate Director, Nepal Region, PepsiCo, said, ‘We are thrilled to stand with Gelje, a courageous Sherpa whose heroic actions on Mount Everest and countless other expeditions earned him the admiration of the world. Gelje’s unparalleled bravery, highlighted by his heroic rescue of a climber from the ‘death zone,’ perfectly aligns with the spirit of Mountain Dew. As we actively support Gelje in his 2025 expedition, we are not just backing a climber; we are standing with a true embodiment of resilience, bravery, and the indomitable spirit. Gelje’s journey reflects the very essence of Mountain Dew—breaking boundaries and achieving extraordinary feats—because Darr Ko Agadi Jeet Cha.’

Gelje Sherpa said, ‘I’m grateful for the unwavering support from Mountain Dew, a brand that embodies the resilience needed to conquer dreams. With Mountain Dew by my side, I’m turning dreams into reality, not just for me but for the pride of the Nepali community. It’s a significant feat for the Sherpas, spotlighting their strength and brilliance on the mountains.’

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