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Nabil Bank’s Profits Dip by 6.28% in the Second Half of Fiscal Year

Nabil Bank’s Profits Dip by 6.28% in the Second Half of Fiscal Year


Nabil Bank Limited’s profit has decreased. According to the unaudited financial report for the first six months of the current fiscal year, the bank’s profit has decreased by 6.28 percent.

During this period, the bank has earned a net profit of Rs 3 arba 20 crore 30 lakh, while in the same period of the previous fiscal year, the bank had earned a net profit of Rs 3 arba 41 crore. Although there has been an increase in the bank’s net interest income during the review period, the pressure on profit has increased due to the increase in impairment charges.

The bank’s net interest income has increased by 5.24 percent, and the net fee income has increased by 15.72 percent in the first six months. Similarly, the bank’s total operating income has increased by 5.75 percent, while its operating profit has decreased by 6.18 percent. In the review period, the bank’s bad loans have decreased from 1.46 percent to 1.20 percent. However, the bank’s impairment charge has increased from Rs 1 arba 88 crore to Rs 1 arba 97 crore. This is also the reason for the pressure on the bank’s profit.

Similarly, in the review period, the bank’s earnings per share (EPS) have also decreased. In this period, the bank’s EPS has decreased from Rs 59.68 to Rs 23.68. Currently, the bank’s price-earnings ratio is 20.83 times, while the net worth per share is Rs 204.44. Also, the bank has Rs 27 arba 5 crore 69 lakh in recoverable funds, while Rs 28 arba 25 crore 77 lakh is saved in the bank’s reserve fund.

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