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Nabil Stock Dealer Concludes ‘Investment Literacy Program’, Empowering 250 students in kathmandu

Nabil Stock Dealer Concludes ‘Investment Literacy Program’, Empowering 250 students in kathmandu


Nabil Stock Dealer Limited proudly announces the successful conclusion of its Investment Literacy Program, a transformative initiative to inspire young minds to achieve financial freedom and explore the world of stock markets.

The Investment Literacy Program, conducted by Nabil Stock Dealer Limited on January 10, 2023, marked a significant milestone in fostering financial awareness and empowering the next generation of investors. The program, attended by enthusiastic students from KIST College and SS, focused on providing essential knowledge and personalized support to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

In total, 90 students actively participated in the program. The program covered essential subject matters such as the steps to financial freedom, stock market overview and the involved parties, compounding in the Nepal stock market, factors affecting the stock market, risk and reward history in NEPSE, investor vs. trader, myths and facts about the Nepalese stock market, risk minimization in the market, choosing your trading platform wisely, etc.

The Investment Literacy Program, reaching over 250 students, represents the third successful initiative undertaken by Nabil Stock Dealer Limited following its collaboration with Liberty College, Kathmandu, and the Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. Nabil Stock Dealer Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nabil Bank, operates as broker number 77 and is one of the largest full-service stock dealers, market makers, and share brokers in the country, offering a wide range of securities exchange services tailored to your financial objectives, like stock dealer, brokerage services, PMS (portfolio management services), margin lending, and depository participation.

The program was facilitated by Mr. Ritesh Adhikari, Executive, Business Development/Marketing.

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