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NEPSE revokes suspension of broker number 82 and 94 

NEPSE revokes suspension of broker number 82 and 94 


The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has suspended broker number 82 and broker number 94, so their suspension has been revoked. When they tried to trade without the current system limit, the two brokers were suspended. NEPSE has confirmed the suspension has been revoked for these brokers.

Binay Regmi, the CEO of broker number 94, claims that NEPSE is to blame for this. He said, “Exactly at 3 o’clock, our limit was reached; we had also requested an increase in the limit, but NEPSE did not update, and we got suspended.” According to him, KBL has been doing business with a limit of 3 to 5 crores.

Regmi, who is relatively new to the broker business, has given a somewhat irresponsible response to this situation. He said, ‘After NEPSE suspends, it shows as’suspended’ on the broker list.’ Regmi also mentioned that after this, the news of their suspension will spread in the media.

NEPSE officials have stated that Kbl Securities and NMB Securities have been found to be working illegally, and they have been suspended for broker misconduct, but they have admitted their mistake, and the suspension has been lifted.

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