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Letter to Citizens’ Bank : ‘Provide job to the entire family, We will pay off the loan’

Letter to Citizens’ Bank : ‘Provide job to the entire family, We will pay off the loan’


After not being able to pay back the loan to the bank, a family in Baglung has sent a letter to the bank saying that he needs a job in the bank. Chandra Bahadur Bk of Baglung Municipality-6 has sent a letter to the Citizens Bank’s Baglung branch saying that he and his family need employment in the bank to pay off the loan taken from the bank.

He has mentioned in the letter that by providing employment and using the money earned from there, he will reduce the bank loan. Similarly, he has requested that the bank give him a job as a security guard, stating that he is capable of doing so. He has also mentioned that his wife and son are also qualified to work in the bank, so he has requested to give them jobs in the bank as well. And he has informed us that the money earned from that job will be used to pay off the loan.

‘I am Chandra Bahadur Bk, a man from the village, capable of working as a security guard in that office. My wife Chandramaya Bk is capable of working as an office assistant, and my son Manish Vishwakarma has completed 12th grade from the course and is capable of working in administration in the office,” he has written in the letter.

Moreover, Bk has requested the bank in the letter sent to provide only 3 thousand rupees to cover household expenses and has requested the bank deduct the loan installment from the remaining salary.

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