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Ncell App: Customers’ digital journey simplified

Ncell App: Customers’ digital journey simplified


The Ncell app is now more customer-friendly, making information easily accessible to users. Ncell has launched its new updated version of the app, allowing customers to avail various services within two clicks, making it a must-have self-care app for the digital transformation of the customer journey.

The app has been updated using the local IT talents in the market, in line with the company’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience and easing customers’ digital journeys. Customers can easily update the Ncell app or download it from the Google Play Store and App Store.

This updated version is easy to use, ensures quick access to the menu, and provides a complete personalized experience for users. There are many new free and paid versions of games to enjoy online or offline. The user interface has been further improved to offer the best standard home page experience, and customers can create personalized profiles to manage their account details and preferences.

In this version, users can easily track their usage, subscriptions, current packs, and active packs, and they can also add their favorite packs for easy access. Quick access to the menu makes it easy for customers to navigate effortlessly to frequently used features, while an enhanced support section ensures that customer queries are handled efficiently and assists customers.

The app is a one-stop solution for the Nepali migrant population while roaming for a short or extended period to easily recharge, buy packs, and use their SIM to stay connected without any hassle.

Ncell believes that the update holds a big meaning as it was done totally by using the local skill set and app development competency, which is a testament to the local IT talent. This flagship local app also contributes towards achieving the aspirations of the Digital Nepal vision.

Ncell has always been committed to enhancing the customer experience and easing their digital journey. Besides the daily quiz in partnership with Khalti, Ncell is working to add additional features to the Ncell App in collaboration with like-minded partners and leading banks. Similarly, PRBT subscriptions are being made easy, and new and popular content is being made available on the app to empower customers with easy access to information.

Other existing features of the app include easy voice and data pack subscriptions, online recharge, monthly bills, resource tracking, service activation and deactivation, and roaming service activation, among others. In a matter of a few taps, customers can buy service packs such as the recently launched Double Majja Packs, starting at Rs. 150.

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