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Nepal Re-Insurance Company Initiates Open Search for New CEO

Nepal Re-Insurance Company Initiates Open Search for New CEO


Nepal re-insurance company is seeking applications for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company issued a notice on Monday requesting applications for the vacant CEO position.

Interested candidates who meet the qualifications for the CEO position can submit their applications within the next 21 days. The company has announced that the CEO position will be filled through an open competition.

The company has specified that individuals applying for the CEO position should not be members of any political party, should not have any direct or indirect business dealings with the company or any of its assets, should not have any personal or family connections with the company for personal gain, should not have any pending criminal charges in court, and should not have any outstanding debts to clear.

Currently, the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer has been given to Damodar Bhandari by the company.

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