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Nepse index decreased by 10.50 points

Nepse index decreased by 10.50 points


The first day of the week, Sunday, saw a decrease in the Nepse index in the share market. Compared to Thursday, the Nepse index has decreased by 10.50 points, reaching 2085.82 points.

A total of 305 companies have conducted share transactions of over 4 billion 8 hundred million when buying and selling 1 crore 5 lakh 71 thousand 99 shares in the Nepse market.

Today, Himalayan Reinsurance Limited also had the highest share transactions, amounting to 62 crore, 47 lakh, 85 thousand, 368 rupees, and 60 paisa.

Similarly, investors in microfinance and financial institutions earned the most profit in the share market on Sunday. The share prices of these companies have hit a positive circuit.

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