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NEPSE index increase by 5.91 points on Wednesday

NEPSE index increase by 5.91 points on Wednesday


The Nepal Stock Exchange index increased on Wednesday, the fourth day of the week. Compared to Tuesday, the index increase by 5.91 points to reach 2076.50.

A total of 302 companies have conducted share trading of over 1 crore, 23 lakh, 63 thousand, and 27 units, resulting in a share transaction of over 4 billion, 25 crores.

Today, Himalayan Reinsurance Limited has the highest share of trading among all companies. The company has conducted share trading worth 17 crores, 17 lakhs, 64 thousand, 80 rupees, and 30 paisa.

Similarly, the investors of Nepal Finance Limited have earned the highest profit in Wednesday’s share market. The share prices of these companies have experienced a positive circuit.

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