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Sarbottam Cement announce IPO release for the general public

Sarbottam Cement announce IPO release for the general public


The Sarbottam cement company is set to release its initial public offering (IPO) from 13th of Falgun. The company has decided to issue a total of 27,76,076 shares to the general public. Additionally, the company has also included 681,530 shares that were not applied for in the previous IPO issued for the locals of the affected areas.

After the IPO issued for the Nepali locals affected by foreign employment, the company is now preparing to issue an IPO for the general public.

For the IPO issued by the company through the book-building method, the general public will have to apply at a minimum rate of Rs 360.90. Investors can apply for a minimum of 50 shares and a maximum of 10,000 shares. The IPO will be issued from Falgun 13, and the deadline for application submission is Falgun 16 to Falgun 27.

For the IPO issuance, the company has obtained a triple B rating from ICRA Nepal through ICRA. This indicates the company’s medium ability to fulfill its financial obligations.

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