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Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank, Aloi, and Ryan Energy Celebrate International Women’s Day

Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank, Aloi, and Ryan Energy Celebrate International Women’s Day


Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank Limited (MLBL), Aloi Pvt. Ltd. (Aloi), and Ryan Energy Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) proudly announce their groundbreaking partnership in celebration of International Women’s Day. This collaboration marks a significant step in their joint commitment to empower women entrepreneurs and promote sustainable development through access to finance and clean energy solutions.

In this transformative partnership, Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank, a licensed ‘B’ Class financial institution, will extend financing to women micro-entrepreneurs in the Banepa, Dhulikhel, and nearby municipalities, as well as the Kathmandu Valley, for the purchase of electric three-wheelers and electric two-wheelers.

These vehicles, supplied by Ryan Energy, a licensed dealer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, will not only adhere to safety and environmental standards but also come with comprehensive training, maintenance, and warranty support.

Moreover, Aloi Pvt. Ltd. will play a pivotal role in using its software platform to manage the loan monitoring and repayment process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all parties involved.

This collaboration represents a dynamic fusion of financial expertise, technological innovation, and a shared vision for gender equality to grow a vibrant last-mile green economy in Nepal. By providing tailored financing options and facilitating access to training and licensing requirements for electric vehicles, the companies aim to break down barriers to entry for women in the transportation sector. This collective effort seeks to empower women economically while simultaneously driving the adoption of eco-friendly modes of transportation, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, this partnership stands as a testament to the companies’ unwavering dedication to advancing gender equality and creating opportunities for women’s economic empowerment. The companies align in their mission to foster a future where women thrive as entrepreneurs, leaders, and changemakers in a greener, more inclusive world.

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