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Ncell and e& International sign a MoU to deliver superior digital services and customer experiences

Ncell and e& International sign a MoU to deliver superior digital services and customer experiences


Ncell on Wednesday (February 28) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with e& International to bring the best-in-class digital experiences, drive knowledge-sharing activities, and collaborate on delivering key services, products, and platforms in Nepal.

The agreement was signed by Jabbor Kayumov, CEO and Managing Director of Ncell, and Khaled Mohamed Riad, Chief Business Officer, e& International, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

As per the MoU, the two parties have identified multiple areas for collaboration, including customer value management (CVM) and advanced analytics, commercial support, which includes B2C and B2B sales and marketing, customer experience, procurement, network CAPEX and OPEX optimization, international carrier and wholesale, mobile network code (MNC) services support, and digital transformation, among others.

This collaboration will be instrumental in driving revenue, bringing innovative services, saving in procurement and network optimization, and driving international long-distance (ILD) business and digital solutions. While implementing such initiatives, Ncell and e& International will deliver tangible and impactful results to customers in Nepal by easing their digitalization journeys.

Jabbor Kayumov, CEO and MD of Ncell, said: “This strategic alliance with e& International marks a significant breakthrough in Ncell’s journey from telco to digital techco. This partnership aligns with our commitment to accelerating digital transformation by contributing to the digital evolution of Nepal. With e& International’s leadership and vast experience in partner network programs, we are confident that this collaboration will empower Ncell to unlock boundless opportunities. Together, we are poised to deliver superior services to our valued consumers, shareholders, and the telecommunications industry at large. As we prioritize the expansion of our network infrastructure beyond mobile connectivity, we affirm our commitment towards achieving the aspirations of the Digital Nepal vision, which aligns with our theme ‘Here for You’ for Nepal and Nepali people.”

Khaled Mohamed Riad, Chief Business Officer, e& International, said: “Our partnership with Ncell marks an exciting new chapter in bringing the benefits of connectivity and digital transformation to businesses and individuals in Nepal. By combining e& International’s global expertise in developing world-class digital networks with Ncell’s deep understanding of the local market, I’m confident we can help accelerate the country’s progress in the digital age. By optimizing infrastructure, enhancing connectivity, and unlocking new opportunities across services, we aim to inspire a truly connected and inclusive digital future for all Nepalis. This is just the beginning, and I look forward to what we can achieve as strategic partners in realizing the nation’s ambitious digital vision.”

Further into the partnership, Ncell, with support from e& International, will work on delivering real-time and contextual marketing aimed at building the right set of digital and traditional channels, implementing superior analytics through a wide range of machine learning and AI models, and creating personalized and relevant offers using big data resources. The company will set strategic direction to grow its customer base and manage distributors and resellers.

Ncell and e& International will collaborate on other fronts, including network optimization, cost-effective solutions for remote areas, technology optimization for green field analysis, competitive network performance assessment (crowdsourcing), value creation through direct sourcing with approved OEM/ODM, and service transition. Ncell will spearhead the design and identification of technical solutions aimed at enhancing the delivery of voice and data services to rural and remote areas with increased efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

In terms of carrier and wholesale services, Ncell will leverage the global footprint of e& Group to elevate mobile and roaming enablement, messaging, and voice services, fortifying revenue streams and becoming a part of e&’s network of over 850 operators worldwide. Similarly, in digital solutions, the collaborative efforts of both entities will center on catering to the tech-savvy youth, offering best-in-class digital experiences.

Ncell and e& International will appoint their alliance leads to oversee the planning and coordination of all strategic aspects and discussions pertaining to the relationship.
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e& International, part of the e& Group, is responsible for growing a vast network of modern, world-class digital telcos. It operates in 16 countries, leading with the best connectivity solutions, inclusive financial services, rich entertainment services, and seamless business transformation. It is building leading digital capabilities and seizing opportunities to expand in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe through acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

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