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FNCCI President Dhakal seeks more research and development in maize production

FNCCI President Dhakal seeks more research and development in maize production


President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, has requested the government and concerned development agencies to focus on research and development to increase the production of maize in Nepal.

FNCCI President Dhakal said so on Wednesday during the International Maize Conference organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. Dhakal said that maize is grown in nearly 980,000 hectares of land and Nepal produces around 3 million tonnes of maize per year. He also mentioned that maize is utilised mainly for human food, livestock feed and fodder in Nepal.

Dhakal informed the participants that the country’s private sector has invested around Rs 40 billion in 140 feed mills that require nearly 600,000 metric tonnes of maize per year. He stated that, however, only 20% of the total maize required for feed mills is supplied through domestic production. The remaining is imported from India and other third countries, he added.

He also mentioned that the demand for industrial maize in Nepal is increasing every year. He informed that in Fiscal Year 2021/22, Nepal imported maize worth Rs 19.65 billion, mainly for the feed industry.

Although there have been some initiatives launched to promote post-production activities of maize, the government and development partners are mainly focused on the production aspect, Dhakal said. He urged all the development agencies working in maize to support the private sector for research and development to increase maize production.

FNCCI President Dhakal also requested the concerned development agencies to promote post-harvest activities. He stated that if the country is able to do so then we can substitute imports and farmers involved in maize will have more income.

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