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‘Government is being irresponsible for Cooperative Scam’- Nepali congress

‘Government is being irresponsible for Cooperative Scam’- Nepali congress


The Nepali Congress has accused the government of being irresponsible towards the victims of cooperatives. The Congress has decided to hold the government accountable for not taking action in the cooperative scam case.

The involvement of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane in the misappropriation of cooperative funds has been a matter of investigation by the parliamentary committee. The Congress has also demanded the formation of a parliamentary probe committee to investigate the incident properly.

Additionally, the Congress has expressed concern for the millions of citizens who have been affected by the cooperatives. The Congress leader, Ramesh Lekhak, has revealed that even the government ministers are involved in misusing cooperative funds, but the government has not shown any sensitivity towards the situation.

He has also requested an impartial, independent, and reliable investigation into the misappropriation of cooperative funds. Furthermore, he has stated that the demand raised by the Nepali Congress in the parliamentary meeting is justified. The government should also make a decision to form a parliamentary probe committee according to the demand made by the Nepali Congress regarding the misappropriation of cooperative funds.

The responsibility of halting the parliamentary proceedings due to the government’s irresponsibility in handling the cooperatives falls on the government, as mentioned by the leader.

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