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Neo Money Transfer appoints Prakash Saput as their brand ambassador

Neo Money Transfer appoints Prakash Saput as their brand ambassador


Neo Money Transfer, a fast, reliable, and secure money transfer operator, has appointed popular Nepali singer Prakash Saput as their brand ambassador. The collaboration with Saput aims to promote financial inclusion and raise awareness of Neo Money Transfer’s remittance services in Nepal and for Nepalese living abroad.

Neo Money Transfer is a fast-growing company providing remittance and payment services to Nepalese around the world. With its innovative technology and business model, Neo Money Transfer offers remittance services at the lowest fees and competitive exchange rates. The company is on a mission to facilitate secure, affordable transfers worldwide, with a focus on customer satisfaction and financial empowerment.

The appointment of Prakash Saput as brand ambassador is a strategic step towards portraying Neo Money Transfer as a common household name when it comes to the remittance business in Nepal. Through Saput’s mass fans and followers, they are planning to raise awareness of the importance of remittances and promote financial inclusion in Nepal and abroad. Along with his popularity, his social influence will also help increase the visibility of Neo Money Transfer’s affordable and accessible remittance services, especially in rural and semi-urban areas of Nepal and also for Nepalese living abroad.

“We are thrilled to partner with Prakash Saput to help promote our mission of making remittances more affordable and accessible to all Nepalese. Prakash Saput is an inspiration to many, and we believe this partnership will significantly boost our visibility and allow us to connect with more customers,” said Mr. Sagar Khanal.

Additionally, Mr. Saput also expressed his contentment in being able to connect with Nepalese brothers and sisters scattered all over the world by associating with Neo Money Transfer, considering the significant contribution of remittances to the country’s economy.

Neo Money Transfer is the epitome of speed and affordability.

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