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National Life Insurance completes a training program

National Life Insurance completes a training program


In an effort to promote a better work-life balance and create a conducive workplace environment, National Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Lazimpat, Kathmandu, offered a comprehensive holistic well-being training program for its senior employees on June 16, 17, and 18, 2024.

This innovative training is designed to benefit both individuals and institutions by providing a wide range of resources aimed at achieving personal and professional excellence. The primary goals are to boost productivity, foster stronger team and organizational connections, and ignite intrinsic motivation, innovation, and enthusiasm within the workplace. This holistic approach focuses on the comprehensive development of individuals, fostering transformation from within.

The training will be led by Ms. Neeva M. Pradhan, Director of Corporate Programs for Nepal, Art of Living. Pradhan is an esteemed international corporate trainer with a rich professional background in the banking sector, specializing in managing loan portfolios and conducting management trainings. Her expertise and experience make her a valuable asset in delivering this transformative program along with her team. In addition, senior trainers Mr. Achyut Gautam and Ms. Samjhana Kharel also helped to conduct this program.

The Art of Living programs have a successful track record spanning over forty-plus years and have been implemented in approximately 186 countries worldwide. These programs align with the World Health Organization’s Wellness Model, aiming to create a disease-free, stress-free, trauma-free, and blissful state for participants, thereby promoting overall health and well-being.

Employees participating in the program can expect numerous benefits, including enhanced clarity of mind, increased energy levels, improved emotional resilience, stronger social connections, better physical health, and overall holistic well-being. Research on executives who have undergone this training shows significant improvements in mental state, well-being, interpersonal relationships, performance, energy levels, decision-making, time management, and organizational engagement.

“We are thrilled to see a growing number of institutions prioritizing the well-being of their employees,” said Neeva M. Pradhan. “Our holistic training package is designed to provide continued and sustainable benefits, maximizing impact for both individuals and the organization. To ensure optimal results and value for the time and investment, our team is committed to conducting four follow-up sessions after the completion of the training.”

This program has been formally closed in the presence of the Chairperson of National Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Mrs. Prema Rajya Laxmi Singh, and the Chairman of Art of Living Nepal, Mr. Siddheswor Kr. Singh.

National Life Insurance is proud to offer this transformative training to its employees, recognizing that a healthy, motivated, and connected workforce is essential to the company’s success.

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