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Stay ‘Sadhain ON’ with the mobile number of your choice: Ncell

Stay ‘Sadhain ON’ with the mobile number of your choice: Ncell


Imagine being able to hold onto a mobile number that means something truly special to you. A mobile number is not just a way to connect but a reflection of your life’s milestones and cherished memories. With Ncell’s ‘My Number, My Choice’ scheme, this is now a beautiful reality.

Now, you can personalize your mobile number by choosing the last six digits that resonate with your heart. Whether it’s your birthday, the date you first met your partner, your vehicle number, or any other significant moment, Ncell now lets you weave these memories into your very own Sadhain ON special number to keep close forever and always stay online in today’s digital age.
You can also gift such special numbers to your loved ones, making their connection as unique as your bond. For instance, a wife and husband could have matching numbers, making their connection even more special: xxx 940 for the wife and xxx 941 for the husband.

In this scheme, mobile numbers start with the number range 9705. Customers who wish to own such special numbers can craft the last six digits to make them uniquely theirs. They can simply visit the Ncell App or the Ncell website, check the availability of the desired number, and book instantly online.

The main feature of this scheme is that customers can get a new mobile number by matching the last six digits of the currently used number in any other mobile number range. “Mobile numbers have become our identities,” said Umair Mohsin, Chief Commercial Officer of Ncell. “We are delighted to come up with this scheme that lets our customers choose a number that they can cherish forever, not just for themselves but also for their family and friends. This is more than a service; it’s about creating lasting connections.”

Under this scheme, there are over 950,000 numbers from the 9705 range to choose from, giving customers almost limitless opportunities to choose the last six digits on a first-come, first-served basis. This SIM is being provided by Ncell as a bundled service, combined with the ‘Sadhain ON’ plans ranging from Rs. 599 to Rs. 1,499.

Under the Sadhain ON plans, customers get voice, data, free social media data, and SMS to remain always on. ‘Sadhain ON’ plans can be subscribed to by dialing *123#.

Customers can pick up the booked SIM from any of the 32 Ncell centers spread across the country. For those in the Kathmandu Valley, there’s even a home delivery option through Upaya. Once booked, customers are required to collect the SIM within seven days, or it will be made available to others. With Ncell’s ‘My Number, My Choice’ scheme, customers do not just choose a number; they choose to carry a piece of their special memory always.

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